About Us

Our history... Well ... our story is still short, but the dream is old! Coming from a huge passion for collectibles and Lego, Bricks & Co is born! We confess that we would like to keep everything we have in store and everything else we see and ask for, because each item that arrives makes our eyes shine! We want to have everything you are looking for for your collection and, if we don't have it in the store, we will search until we find it! If necessary, we will go to another dimension or to the quantum realm! We will always listen and take into account the opinion of our visitors and improve together with them. Deep down, with you! We have a small space dedicated exclusively to the most creative ones where they can draw on the wall, watch a movie or play with Lego! The Brick kids & Co space is dedicated to the little ones and, for them too, we have a card that offers them a Lego Minifigure as soon as it is complete! Here we don't lose the child inside us! Come and visit us on bricksco.pt

 Last Updated: 27 Aug 2020